What is a WOWish?

WOWish is a custom high-quality video that will make them shout "WOW!"

It will be filmed in the heart of the Sahara Desert for you to surprise your loved ones!

Profits will be used for local charity work!

Order your WOWish and make others wishes comes true!

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receive your video in 24 hours:

Step 1: Create their wish by filling out the information!

Step 2: Receive an email confirmation!

Step 3: Download and enjoy!

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our biggest customer

1 million subscribers!

Thank you Niko Omilana. We support your youtube videos and waiting for you again!

Why is a Wow-Wish the perfect gift in 2024?

Make your loved ones go "WOW!!"

WoWishes's are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to give out memorable and unique wishes!

All while helping the content creators achive their dream

Also raise money for our local charity!